Quail Hunting

Find Gifts for Quail Hunters or research an adventurous quail hunting trip!  From Tennessee to West Texas, find the quail hunting resources you are looking for.  Quail hunting preserves have the game, the dogs, the lodging and the experienced guides to ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable hunt. 


Quail HuntingInformation on the Quail and Habitat

Quail hunting is a popular sport. The most common quail is the ďbobwhiteĒ, which is found in the fields and hedgerows of farming country over most of the United States. With a mixture of brown, gray, reddish, and black color that blends with the ground, quail hunting can be challenging.

Belonging to the pheasant family and related to the partridges. Quail are round, chunky birds, ranging in length from seven to eleven inches. They have short tails and large strong feet and legs. Its name comes from its clear, whistled call. Quail hunting not only furnish good hunting, but makes a good meal as well.

Other kinds of quail are the California quail, a brown, gray, and white bird with a black throat, has a comma-shaped black plume that curls forward from the top of the head. Gambelís quail, a desert species, has a similar topknot and a black face. The large mountain quail has a long, narrow plume that juts backward from the crown. The scaled quail has a light breast marked with dark scallops. Its crest is short and triangular.

Tips for Quail Hunting

The quail hunting tips we have listed are just basic. The guides and outfitters that you contact will have many more for the area they are in. Just follow the links listed above to find the best quail hunting areas for you.

  • Never go quail hunting alone. This seems like an obvious rule to follow, but it is amazing how many hunters still practice this.
  • Make sure you have the right ammo. Donít use too big a shot for this game bird.
  • Once you have made a kill, load your gun right away. It is common for more then one bird to be in the same area. You donít want to miss a chance at other quail in that same spot.
  • Keep the weather in mind when you plan your trip. This can make or break a quail hunting trip.
  • Since your going to be out for a good part of the day, take water and food. Itís the little things that can make a trip worthwhile.  Quail hunting when you're hungry isn't as much fun.
  • Itís best to hunt early in the season. This way you have the most quail out there for you to find.
  • A hunting dog is always a plus for this type of hunt. They can not only find the quails for you, but retrieve them if they fall in the water.
  • Quail hunting does take a little skill. They will not always fly up until they feel threatened. You may have to walk right up on them before they take off.
  • Always were something that is bright in color so other hunters can see you.

These quail hunting tips are a few of many. Our main concern is that you have a safe and fun trip. The guides and outfitters that you find here should be able to help you with other tips that you are seeking.



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